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Sep 27, 2006
So my wife was wanting me to print out some of our family pictures to hang on the wall, and so when she had made her selection of images that she wanted, I had a few of them that were just small files for display on the web, and when I went looking for the large jpeg, I could only find the RAW image. So, I had to re-edit them using the latest version of Lightroom. The difference in the two images is pretty cool when you look at the detail in the clouds and the more precise way I could brighten the faces etc…
And so my tip for today is to go back to some of your favorite images or even some images that you just couldn’t get right a couple of years ago and run them through Lightroom again… the difference may surprise you. We forget that the technology has changed quite a bit and our images can look even better thanks to the updates in the software. This is a great time to play with the past, and family photos especially may be the perfect subjects for an update since if you are like me, your main goal was just to get everyone still and in the frame and not necessarily the best composition and lighting. So give yourself and your work a little emotional boost and update some of those older edits and hopefully you will come away with a smile.
Original edit from several years ago

Image edited with the latest Lightroom

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