REVIEW: Topaz Labs - DeNoise (noise reduction software)

I've just got the latest Topaz Labs DeNoise 4 (Photoshop Plug-in) and here are my test results of this noise reduction software.

I shot a photo of my keyboard in the worst possible setting that will generate a lot of high ISO noise and put this image to the test. The immediate results were spectacular. I’ll let the samples speak for themselves… There are also other larger photo samples at the end of this post.

To download the large sample of my keyboard photo sample, CLICK HERE

To download the large sample of my watch photo, CLICK HERE

To download the large sample of my 2003 Paris photo, CLICK HERE

The download links are higher res photos and should give you a better feel of what it can do. I think it can be used to remove just about all sorts of noise. I think it retains detail very well too.

Link to Topaz Labs here



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Jun 9, 2009
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Hello, merliondude.
I just want to say a big thank you for posting this thread.
I downloaded the whole Topaz Bundle and tried out the DeNoise and the ReMask.
These two alone are already fantastic, and by themselves are already worth more than the S$200 for the whole Bundle.
I have yet to explore the rest but I certainly find it a very useful tool.

Truthfully, certain things I will still do it the old school way - e.g. treatment of the skin tone and imperfections of a portrait shot.
But like the masking of a subject to do PP, this Topaz Remask really saves me so much time and is so accurate.

I am in no way related nor linked to the company.
Just a very satisfied user.