LR Tips Review: QuarkXPress 2016


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Sep 27, 2006
What’s the first thing you think about when you see the name QuarkXPress? If you’ve worked in publishing for a very long time, you might think “ground-breaking layout program.” Quark was there at the birth of desktop publishing in the ’80s, and grew to dominate the industry. Or, you might think “ancient history” if you were among those users who grew frustrated in the early ’00s and made the switch to Adobe InDesign. Or, if you’re a bit younger, and have only used InDesign or other tools for page layout, you might think “what’s QuarkXPress”? But no matter which group you fall into, if you’re a creative professional interested in making top quality print and digital publications, you should check out QuarkXPress 2016. Full disclosure: Yes, I am the editor of InDesign Magazine, and InDesignSecrets, and the author of several courses on using InDesign. But for years I made a living (and learned to love page layout and publishing) using QuarkXPress. And I’ve just completed a brand new course for, QuarkXPress 2016 Essential Training. So while writing about InDesign is my “day job,” I have spent months using QuarkXPress 2016, putting both old and new features through their paces. And what I’ve found is [...]
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