LR Tips Review: Poser 11


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Sep 27, 2006
The figure modeling program Poser has found new sophistication with each update, and version 11 brings a raft of new functionality that makes the results even more realistic. Improved Skin Tones The most impressive enhancement is the SuperFly rendering engine, which uses subsurface scattering to produce flesh tones that look more like real, translucent skin. Even without performing a lengthy render, the Preview mode displays high quality results in real time, although such elements as complex hair show only as wireframes until fully rendered. The new Direct Manipulation tool offers clear controls for moving a body part- but unadvertently click on a nose and you’ll move that instead. More Intuitive Tool Options Users who have always had trouble with Poser’s four separate Twist, Translate, Translate In/Out, and Rotate tools will be pleased to see that the Direct Manipulation tool now includes bold arrows and rings that allow any selected body part to be moved or rotated in any direction, which is a far more intuitive approach. Interestingly, this tool also works on sub-elements such as chins and noses, which has the advantage of allowing faces to be remodeled on the fly. Unfortunately, this also means that the task of selecting an entire [...]
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