Review: Orkio SLR Bagz Urban-S & Urban-L


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Jan 20, 2002

The Urban-L and Urban-S are in black and grey respectively.

Dimension of Urban-S:
Inner Size 240 X 150 X 120 mm
Outer Size 260 X 170 X 140 mm

Dimension of Urban-L
Inner Size 310 X 200 X 130 mm
Outer Size 330 X 220 X 150 mm

In Vanilla English:
You can pack One Body (Canon 7D w/o grip), One small lens (even though I manage to pack a 17-55/2.8) and One flash unit (580 EX) easily in the UUrban-S.

For the Urban-L, I managed to pack One Body (Canon 7D w/o grip), One medium lens (even though I manage to pack a 70-200/2.8) and One flash unit (580 EX) with room to spare for an iPad (naked w/o case) and some spare batteries and small items.

Urban-S is not short on looks as my female colleagues complimented me on my nice bag and asked me where I bought it. When I revealed it as a camera bag, they refused to believe it, citing camera bags are suppose to be ugly. Well, kudos to Orkio for a well designed bag. Photos just fail to do it justice, you have to hold and carry it to realize how light and trendy it really is.

Beyond being a conversational piece, the Urban-S offers 3 carrying option(s), as a messenger bag, a waist pouch and a cross shoulder back sling. With a nicely padded shoulder pad, it is comfortable on the shoulder even when fully loaded.

The other nice feature is a fully water proof bottom which means that you could place the bag even on water surfaces and not risk any damage to the bag.

The bottom compartment also hides a removable rain cover with a custom Orkio print.

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Jul 18, 2011
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