Review of Nisi 100nn Square Filter


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Jul 5, 2008
Tiong Bahru
I have given up on square filters after experiencing light leaks problem on my Formatt Hitech filters many years ago.

Nisi, a relatively new brand caught my attention while I was browsing the internet. Results from online reviews were great, making me very tempted to give these filters a try. So I went down to SLRR to pick up a set of filter holders (version 5) and 15 stops Neutral Density filter.

Why a 15 Stops ND? This is because I already have 10 and 6 Stops ND from Heliopan and B+W. After a brief while with the 15 Stops ND, I was very impressed and went back to pick up a 10 and 6 Stops ND.

1. First impression and Packaging

I am not a big fan of fanciful packaging, but the Nisi filters came in a nice brown leather like box (for the filter holders & adapters) and leather case for the filter itself. You may also purchase a leather filter box for about $30+.

Everything seems well made, the filter holder is made almost entirely from aluminium, less the slots itself. The slots were made from plastic (quality seems good). The adapter rings are ribbed, making them easier to remove. Overall, the build quality of the filter holder feels better than the offering from Lee.

All 3 filters comes with a gasket to prevent light leak. The material feels better than the ones on Formatt Hitech I had many years ago. The Filter Package includes
I) Filter Holder in a 82mm thread
ii) a CPL (which I haven't get to use)
iii) 77mm, 72mm, 67mm step up ring

2. Glass Material

NiSi claimed that their filters are made from AGC (Japan) and Schott (Germany) glass. Both of which are deemed to be of very high quality. I guess I'll have to take their word for it. Let the test do all the talking. What I think and what I feel is not really important.

3. The Test

This first impression test will be done using a very simple methodology.

i) A base exposure with a preset white balance (Cloudy in this case).
ii) An adjusted exposure (6, 10 and 15 Stops) respectively. The purpose of this test is to determine colour cast and the true density of the filters.

Pictures shot in Raw and exported with no post processing

Base Exposure

4. Test Results (6 Stops)

6 stops

The result of Nisi 6 stops appears to be very good with no obvious colour cast. Density seems to be spot on too.

5. Test Results (10 Stops)

10 stops

The result of Nisi 10 stops appears to be very good too with some slight warm colour cast, which could be easily corrected. Density seems to be spot on too.

6. Test Results (15 Stop)

15 stops

The result of Nisi 15 stops appears to be very good with no obvious colour cast (Surprisingly). Density seems to be spot on too.

7. Disclaimer This test is not scientific and not done in a controlled environment.

8. Comparison (B+W and Heliopan) In progress

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May 1, 2006
Hi, has anyone experienced any problem with the rubber gasket on their NDs? It is easily peeled off unlike those Lee, Hitech even Haida filter gasket.

May 1, 2006
So far so good. But since they are easy to replace, it should not be a big concern.
However, even if you can replace it will peel off again because it is not sticky enough to the glass surface though