Review of Billingham F-stop 1.4

Hi, i have been asking around for recommendation here. And i think its time i give back! :)

Just got back from HK, wanted to get a hardley pro, but it was out of stock. 107 series is beautiful but the price is pretty ex.. and at this time, F-stop caught my eye. It has a very simple and classic camera bag design, prehaps its simplicity attracted me.

Front View

Angled Front View

Back View

The rear compartment is abit tight.. during my trip. my hp, wallet n passport is being kept there..

Inner Compartment

Its like the classic design with only 2 dividers provided. the compartment cant be removed like hardley series though.
there is a compartment allocated for Ipad which is v useful for those who carry ipads around.

IPad at the compartment designed for it.
EX58- mkII flash at the left followed by GOpro resting on top of 18-55 kit lens, 24-105 F4L and my Canon 450D body only. There r still space to put other stuffs with proper allocation.

There is another compartment at the front.. where i kept my filters, sd cards and extra batt.


1) simple and classic design
2) Ipad compartment.

1)It would be gd to have some smaller compartments to store things.. but if this really bothers u, just go for thinktank. haha

Thats all! not very gd in doing review but hope its gd enough!

Cheers everyone! Happy 2013!!

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Happy new year too !

Thanks, and nice pictures. The F-Stop 1.4 is my workhorse Billingham bag after the L2, both similar in looks.

My main choice for Billingham was the durability (the distributor claims he uses his Hadley daily for 15++ years), and then it boiled down to these two, 1.4 and L2, as they fit my camera stuff well, and were light enough in weight (every 100 grams is critical for my weak shoulders :)). I use the 1.4 when I bring longer lenses or a bigger DSLR; otherwise, the L2 is great.

Having both bags, I can move inserts between each one to create smaller compartments if needed, and even some salvaged from older non-Billingham bags.

Personally, the only things I wish for were that the front straps were replaceable like the Hadley's, and that they had more comfortable shoulder pads than the SP40 or SP50.



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Jun 8, 2005
Nice work on the review. The pro sells out pretty fast at tin cheung but the 1.4 is an excellent choice nevertheless.


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