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Jun 11, 2009
Nothing wrong. Just plain lazy students. We are actually practising the same thing as the industry...that is outsourcing.:bsmilie:

Outsourcing happens even in local university. IMHO, it is partly because of the stupid idea of "wholistic education", even at higher level education. An all-rounded education simply means that one acquires knowledge outside of his scope of specialisation. More often than not, such acquired knowledge are thrown away even before one steps out of the exam hall. I mean seriously, why should someone who specialises in engineering have to learn to appreciate art, learn how the human brain function or even learn the history of how the Mona Lisa drawing came about? So the next best option is outsource:sweat:

However, it really isn't as simple as how the author puts it. IMHO, I do not think it is possible to pass a confirmation exam or oral defence using somebody's else work, at least not in a reputable university. The reason is simple. At post grad level, and to a smaller extent, undergrad courses, the examiners look for originality. If you work has been done by others, it is not a research. It is merely a literature review, or even worse, a summary.


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Nov 21, 2011
And as usual, XKCD nailed it. With swag.

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