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Mar 13, 2005
may i noe any recommendation and i like to hear ur opinion on what laptop to get and where.

I dont need any thing fanciful... i need need to store pics( my d70 large fine) resonably fast for my clients to see and open the pics files. abt 500 - 700 pics to be stored. fast transfer of images from my d70 to the laptop. it's like if my 1GB card is full, i can jus load it into the com and than clear my mem card on the move while taking wedding pics. perhaps in b/w when i ve breaks, i can also edit my pics fast enough instead of waiting for the com to process the pics. it's quite frustrating when u r on the move and rushing for time. is 1.6GHz fast enough? or shd i get 1.8GHz and above?? and what abt 40GB? or shd i get 60 or even 80GB?? and good brand tt u seniors r using that u can share with me on my above work load?? thanks!!! my budget is ard 1700-1800.


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Feb 15, 2003
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If you are just going to get a portable unit to upload pics, and maybe view, get those ultra portables... hope they come with a CF card reader built in, otherwise get a pcmcia to CF adapter... those are pretty fast, you need to carry as little load as possible...

the speed of the CPU have no effect or watsoever in the transfer of pictures to the laptop, and its only slight difference in processing power, just add more ram if you want smooth operations. hdd space is never enough...

all in all... i prefer to recommend you using those portable hdd with memory reader.


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Jan 17, 2002
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if u use it to show your client, get a Mac, it does make a different (pshychologically)

also, apple screen are much better in color, also comes with iphoto which have all the cool transition effect for slideshow

latest apple ibook cost less than $1.8K brand new, all u need to upgrade is the ram

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