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Oct 31, 2003
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Your first shot did not appeal to me because of the lighting setup which made it look flat. There is no 3D feel to it. Colours are dull and impact it not strong.

As for your this shot, I am guessing that you are trying to created again a low key effect but failed to produce the product character. You have highlights on one side and another you left it dark. When it comes to shooting product like a men's cologne/ladies perfume, it's always best to show it's true nature of the product.

Your setup is again not right. I am guessing again that you are trying to created a certain feel of "centre of the frame" with the shape of it's product. To me as a customer, besides the fragrance I would love to see the real shape and colour of the product. Black background is always very tricky to work with because if you do light your product carefully, it will sink into the background.

Sometimes just shooting the product itself is a very challenging in photography. In order to make your product more outstanding, one lighting sometimes is not enough. Reflectors and cutters have to be use to fill-in some lights and avoid some stray lights. The shape of the bottle is such that made the highlights appear to be neither here nor there. If you are shooting a direct shot like that, ALMOST ( I use ALMOST, not ALL) all it's content like highlight should be evenly litted.

For your case the highlight and shadow details are everywhere. Sometimes a product do not neccessary need to show the overall details. You can use a macro lens (if you have) to shoot the product. Look for THE MOST important part of the product. Study it carefully again and if you really have the time shoot again but change your angle, lighting and setup.

You have to shoot and make the product more suited to the lifestyle rather than just "shooting a product".

I remembered when you shot the Toyota Supra (especially the close up), which was far more interesting than what you have done in there. If you are able to make full use of natural lightings to your advantage, why not try to use artificial lighting as well. If you are only using Speedlights I suggest before you shoot, use a table lamp to observe how the light falls on to the object. From there you should be able to judge it.

Good luck.

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