Repost:*Studio cosplay Bikini themed shoot with Sexy cutie Yonor at 6th Feb $70 only*

Jan 12, 2011
*Studio cosplay themed bikini shoot with Sexy cutie Yonor at Sunday 6th Feb. 1:30pm-3:30pm*


Timing: Sunday 6th Feb 1:30pm-3:30pm
Outfits:2 sets of bikini
Venue: Studio (around central area)
Max.6 photographers to 1 model
Cost:$70only, $65 for those who soppused to join this weekend(Both saturday and Sunday)
Please PM/email / sms 83513807 to reserve a slot and for more information

Jan 12, 2011
one more slot to confirm the Shoot!

Feb 13, 2011
Greetings to all photographers and other members of ClubSnap Forum,
It has been several weeks since the attention of the cosplayer community has been garnered regarding these series of photoshoot threads of the specific model, Miss Yonor Wang, as mentioned above.

Despite giving some slack to the fact that she was previously below 16 years of age when she begun these series of bikini photoshoots which some may even call 'explicit', in the hope that she may become satisfied with pulling off what is 'out-of-the-ordinary' in her point of view and ceasing these actions soon, what we have witnessed next is a never-ending swamp of shoots which the majority of the cosplayers in Singapore are becoming concerned with.

Therefore, as a representative of the views of the majority of the cosplayers in Singapore(and some cosplayers overseas as well), I would like to make aware to the photographers here that Miss Yonor's shoots are definitely not a well painted representation of the intentions, processes and results of any respectable cosplay photoshoot.

We believe and respect that Miss Yonor has the rights to wear her costumes, obtained with true hard earned money via means of the China market, for her own photoshoots, but we wish to clarify that majority of the Singapore cosplayers would not like to be associated with her idea of cosplay and cosplay photoshoots. We hope to let the photographers here know that whatever actions and poses Miss. Yonor may choose to portray may be that of a model, but definitely not of a cosplayer.

Thank you for reading.

Concerned Cosplayer.

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