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Reorganising Lightroom keyword heirarchy - faster way than drag & drop?


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Jan 11, 2008
I just imported all my photos from Picasa into Lightroom 4. The good news is all the keywords/tags painstakingly input on Picasa were properly read by LR4! However, I am finding it a pain to organise the keywords into 'heirarchy' e.g. Barcelona<Spain<Europe, etc using the 'drag and drop' method. The list of keywords is very long (hundreds) and I have to click and hold a keyword, scroll the list down or up by placing the cursor exactly in the right position at the top of the box, find the keyword i want and then drop it in to create the nested keyword.

My question is - Is there a faster way than dragging and dropping?

Oct 7, 2004
You've got hundreds of keywords is bit of too many..
You can create a new "key word set" to contain the keywords you wanted, however lightroom only allow 9 keywords to be
set in each "key word set". i'd advise you to organise all your keywords into set, giving them different name in set would
make your life easier.

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