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Jan 16, 2002
In response to recent activity in the forums discussing the levels of critique that are generated, we are resurrecting the Critique Corner sub-forum for members to post their images to get some serious and honest feedback on the image.

Some possible FAQs:

Q: What is the difference between Critique Corner and the Photo Galleries?
A: The Photo Galleries are meant for members to display a series (or portfolio) of images that they want to share with other members for enjoyment, and not actively seeking feedback (although if members want to provide comments, they are free to do so).
Critique Corner is specifically for members to post their image(s) and who ARE actively seeking some kind of constructive critique so that they can learn and improve on their photography.

Q: What kind of image can I post in Critique Corner?
A: As of now, there are no segregations between the different genres like the Photo Galleries, so members should try to be descriptive in their thread titles. Also, please ensure that the general guidelines for images are adhered to - no nudity, no obscenity etc.

Q: Will someone give me a critique on my image if I post in Critique Corner?
There is no guarantee that you will receive a critique. This is a collective community effort, and we will look into "enlisting" some "Professional Critics" (for lack of a better word at this point in time) that will provide feedback for each and every thread in future. For now, its a community effort.

As always, please post any questions you may have here, and we will answer them as best we can.

We trust that this will help improve the overall level of comments and critiques in ClubSNAP and we look forward to seeing the members images and comments in the Critique Corner.

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