Register Canon Warranty Online


Senior Member
Oct 8, 2011
I just want to correct some misconception about registering Canon's warranty online. Like many people, I had sold lenses that were registered under my name and they had assumed that since it's already registered under my name, they won't be able to send in for warranty repairs free.

So I drop Canon an email and they called me. Here are the takeaways:

1) They are unable to transfer the item from one user to another in the Canon database, so please don't send an email asking them to do it.
2) However, they will still service the item if it's still under warranty. They don't check who is the registered owner. They will contact the person who sent it in instead.
3) The only negative impact to registering the item online is that the potential buyer won't be able to check how long is the remaining warranty him/herself online.

That's all.