Regarding your Aperture/Lightroom workflow ecosystem.

Jan 12, 2011
Hi folks I just wanted to ask about your workflows.

I'm having a problem now where i have so many projects in Aperture and I'm overflowing with photos. Should have thought about it earlier.

Anyhoo. I also edit photos using photoshop, so i tend to just drag and drop the photos into photoshop. This presents a problem regarding what to do with my edited photos. What do you people do after you've edited a photo using any other software? do you re-import them to aperture? I would like to let aperture keep track of these photos. Is there anyway to link these 'edited' files to the original masters?

Jun 15, 2010
For me, first thing I do is transfer the files from my CF card to my HDD. Import into Lightroom. If Photoshop is needed, I use the edit option from there so that the PSD file will be in the catalog. I export the PSD file through Lightroom. All my exported files go into a separate folder.

In Lightroom, the PSD file will be beside your original file. Not sure about Aperture.

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