Regarding White Balance versus White clicker in CS

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Jul 15, 2003
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Dear CS'ers,

I'm still trying to refrain from shoot raw. The challenge is still getting a proper white balance in warm lighting. AWB ranges from 3000-7000K. Tungsten sets it at 3200K. CustomWB can go down to 2000K. The issue is when I try to set customWB, everything seems to be under white under and not yellow light.

I understand this would be a subjective perception as to what is 'white'. What I'd like is the subject is seem in yellow/warm lighting, but not unnaturally yellow. 'white' things look slightly yellowish, and not unnaturally yellow.

I could kind of get around this by using either AWB or TungstenWB and using the white clicker in CS2 to 'set' the 'white point'.

However, this is extremely tedious to click on hundreds of pictures. Is there any batch process methods to 'set white point' in CS2? I've tried searching to no success at the moment.

Thank you for reading.

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