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May 12, 2006
Hoya everyone,

Main problem at hand

I have a couple of photographs I took during a holiday trip, and would like to print them out in large size to make into sort of a photo-book! My idea is of a full page print, exactly like how a magazine would be! Full colour pages and size. Would be about 30 pages.

I'm not intending it to be super-high-quality (which would mean e.g. printing at a photolab in Super 8R or something, but at like $3+- per piece), more like Magazine-photo-quality.


I would like to know if anyone is aware of any service that can help me print large size pictures (e.g about A4 size or S8R size) of about magazine quality (paper is not critical), and preferably water-proof, for this purpose?

Heard that some places offer cheap full A4size inkjet printing for less than a dollar? Does anyone have any experience?

Thanks! Would appreciate if you have any experience to share and print-shops to recommend!


Try Peace Centre.
There are a lot of printing shops there.

From what I remember, I was charged at around $3 for inkjet A4 prints with mounting and cold-lamination (min. 3 or 4 pics). If you print more, they MAY charge you cheaper.

Try asking around for prices when you are there.
Oh ya, most shops closed on Sunday. It's better to go on a weekday.

It may take a whole day to print your photos. So they may even ask you to come back the next day.

Hopes this helps. :D

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