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Jan 3, 2006
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I have just received a message from a French photo editor. She wants to use a photo (that I took at event) for a magazine.
She did indicate the budget but I have not asked for the price yet.
I will send her an email to confirm the price shortly :)

Here are some questions:
1) The budget is in Euros. I am thinking if there is any difference for getting it via Bank Transfer or PayPal. Transaction fees?
I did a Google search. But it seems to talk more about US banks.

2) The editor mentioned about sending her an invoice before I can get the payment. I am not a professional so I don't have any company name. Any advice on this? Can I just use any template online without any company name?

3) For the invoice, if I billed it in Euros, will there be any issues?

4) She has given me a VAT number. I know VAT is related to taxes. So do I need to file a tax or something overseas?

5) Lastly, she asked if I can send the high resolution photo and invoice her later as it is quite urgent. After the invoice, I will be paid within 7 to 10 days. Is it a common practice? I have looked at her Facebook account and the website link that she gave me. All seems quite reputable.

Given all the time in the world, I maybe able to find some of the information online.
But time is a factor now (they need the photo urgently), if you can help, it will be deeply appreciated.
Thank you for reading.

one eye jack

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Jun 11, 2011
Sounds fishy, my gut feeling.Classic con job..using urgency.N0 matter what get money in your account first before sending file.Everything can be faked eg. company name,etc. you name it.But money transfer can also be rescinded!

Edit: It's also a typical ruse/trick to use a "female" interface so that the victim usually a man will let his guard down.Classic hero and beauty trap.

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Jul 9, 2008
Transfer first or else you may never hear from her.

Don't use paypal, they can file a claim against you claiming stuff and its a pain to work it out.

Telegraphic bank transfer, the money is in, the photo is send.

Risk of money lost is little, risk of feeling bad about yourself being cheated, its something hard to get over in life.


Dec 30, 2003
Which magazine does this person come from? I work as a photo editor for one of the largest magazine companies in Singapore, and we typically pay from 30-60 days after the issue comes out. There's a measure of trust that goes hand-in-hand with working with print publications, and the reputable companies always try to pay contributors on time so their reputations are not compromised. Better check if the mag is legit.

Also, I understand the time constraints if the coverage is event-based. That means they'll need to print it soon while the news is still "fresh".

Confirm if you or they will be paying for the transaction fees.

Your invoice just needs to itemize the images they want to rent, then state your name, address, contact info, bank detail. Also state the magazine issue and article it will come out in. They would usually have an invoice template for freelancers. You can use a simple program like word or excel to make this.

If it is billed in Euros and sent to your Singapore $ account, your bank will probably just do the conversion automatically subject to their rates.

I think you can ignore the VAT - that's for their taxes, not yours.

Good luck - and congratulations!