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Oct 31, 2003
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Hi Splutter,

Plenty of problems with your picture.

Photo no.1
Composition is poor. Too many distractions on the background. I would have prefer to go closer on one of the glasses in focus and leave the rest out of focus. You need to crop away the top of the frame until you are unable to see the background. Angle of the frame is slightly off too. Maybe you can try and stand closer or higher to the glasses so that you see a little more. Try to go 1/2 stop more as I find a tat dark. Using natural light to light up your subject is ok but you need to fill in some areas as one source of natural light is never enough if your lighting directions is from only one angle

Photo No.2
Same problem as the first one. Background is distracting. A tat under again as I see you use bounce light. 1/2 stop more. Crop away the top. Again would prefer a slightly higher angle.

You have to play more with compositions and get the right angle if you are shooting either product or an abstract subject. After doing that, next get the lighting right as it plays an important element in your photo to light up the objects.

Thank you.

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