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alex p

This is Alex, of Alex Photo, who was being falsely accused by newbie12345 on his previous thread. To be fair, it's only appropriate for me to answer some of the allegations and the half truth scenario brought up by newbie12345(or does he hv a name?). Let the readers be the judge for this thread posted.

The wide angle lens in question did have some black spots which i honestly told him(newbie12345) abt, hence the stated low price. He wanted me to remove them which i failed to do so. He then proceeded to insert his "index finger" to literally SCRATCH OFF some of the prominent spots. Qns: would anyone of u dare to take the initiative w/o the consent from the owner, to alter the condition of any merchanise, even with the gd intention to adjust it better???

Bear in mind that any contact with a delicate thing such as a lens may result in scratches/ cracks etc. The condition of the lens is no longer the same as compared to the time b4 newbie12345 stepped into the shop. Through his impulsive action, he has caused the value of that piece of merchanise to drop. Naturally he should be held responsible for the incident.
However, he tried to deny by saying that he did nothing to the lens.

Qns1: Why had he spotted the black spots but not the scratches since he had the intention to purchase it?

Qns2: Why did he make such a hasty retreat( he actually ran out of the shop) if he claimed to be innocent

Qns3: He has slandered me by calling me a "hooligan" in this incident but would a "hooligan" call the police to settle matters?

Qns4: Why didnt he wait for the police to come since he was so sure that he was in the right?

Qns 5: Why did he suddenly offer to buy the lens while waiting for the police to arrive( guilty conscious?) and later claimed in the forum that he was being "forced" to buy? Please note that a witness was present on the day of incident.

Qns6: If a potential buyer accidentally drop the lens which u wanted to sell, do u considered "it's sold" or do u say "it's ok"?

Dear all readers, please understand that I am running a legitimate business like any other businesses in a well patronised shopping centre.
It's all too easy for anyone to make allegations and wrongful accusations, and to hide behind some anonymous names after abusing this free community forum.
Therefore, I urge readers not to make hasty conclusions abt this incident and be so judgmental by taking only to one side of the story.

PS: To newbie12345, I will consult with my lawyers over this case.


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Apr 17, 2003
Originally posted by alex p
PS: To newbie12345, I will consult with my lawyers over this case. [/B]

dear alex,

me, and i believe everyone here at clubsnap, do not wish to see another incident like the "vid**-pr*.c*m" where a thing like this has to be taken to court...

pls do settle this with newbie12345 amicably..

furthermore i believe that if you're not in the wrong and you continue to show your customers a good attitude, nobody would stop patronising your shop and any amounts of complains on clubsnap would not deter them from visiting your shop and making purchases.

have a nice day


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Jan 16, 2002
Hi Alex,

Thank you for providing your side of the story and please rest assured that we take this seriously.

However, we would appreciate that you take this issue up privately with newbie12345 and we will be glad to help you contact him in this matter. While we cannot and will not release his email address directly to you, we will work with your lawyers (if you choose to pursue with legal action) in contacting him.

I am closing off this thread to prevent any untoward comments or issues - please contact me via PM if/when you need our assistance.

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