RedGreenBlue - By Ming

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the colours of life, a photographic exhibition.
by Ming

From 20th March - 20th April 2004

Atelier J. Lacroix, 24 Ann Siang Road
Tel 6227 6860

Open on Tuesdays to Fridays 12pm - 7pm
Saturdays 12pm - 5pm

Life in reality, Life in abstraction.
Views of life through photography, with light as its only witness.
The colour photographs are presented
in 3 sections, each with a primary colour that forms light.

Red: Seventh
The seventh month of the lunar calendar turns the cityscape into a
sea of red. Seventh, a photo-documentary about the Hungry Ghosts
relives a Chinese tradition still widely observed in Singapore.

Green: H2O
Two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom form water,
crucial for human survival above all other resources on earth.
H20 is an abstract toast to the liquid that covers
3/4 of the surface of the earth.

Blue: Spaces
A blue expanse brightens the skies whenever the sun shines
People spill out onto the streets, interacting with Spaces in familiar
Landscapes and urban folks, harmony in blue.


m: +65 9797 2995


A very worthwhile exhibition to go to after his 1st solo exhibition "RAIN"

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