Recovery of lost file. Strontium (micro) SD card

Feb 15, 2013
G'day there!

Anyone here have experience to retrieving lost data from SD card, esp from Strontium?

Yesterday afternoon while transfering the pictures from Strontium 32Gb to my WD My passport portal via Lenovo T400s, at the begining saw 2.45Gb at the SD card. Went about to do hang laundry.

Came back about 25min later, was horrified to find 700Mb data not only in WD, but in the SC card too. The same sickening feeling came to me again like during the film's day. After shooting and sent for development only to discover all blanks in that reel.

Dropped in COMex show's Strontium booth. advised to go
I straight away downloaded that EaseUS data Recovery just now.

Followed the steps. That software was able to salvage the lost files. Phew! Followed the next few steps which I thought would direct me where to save the lost files. Directed them to D drive. Could not find any.

Later decided to activate my old ScanDisk's RescuePro softwafe (which was purchased last year PC show). Followed the steps. Thanks goodness manage to salvage all the lost files.

Is Strontium's 3rd party software not that straight forward to use?

Another lesson learnt. Do not throw away the key number that comes along with the SD card. You never know when you will use them

Thank You

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