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Recover Your Lost Data

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Try this... http://www.z-a-recovery.com/ - Zero Assumption Recovery

Some features of the demo version in case you're not ready to part your $$ for the full version...
  1. Only (up to) four directories can be recovered in the demo version of our computer data recovery software.
  2. The demo version is unable to load the scan result file. However, it does save these files to avoid having to rescan the disk when you got the full version.
  3. In digital image recovery mode program operates as freeware with no functional limitations. List of known compatible digital camera models and image formats is available Known camera compatibility list here.

I currently have 7 partitions and I can still create more. However it all boils down to how manageable I want them to be. I basically have 5 main partitions on my Sata drive:
- Boot: Keep this small for boot files ~2GB
- OS: Main Operating System eg Windows 2000/XP/Vista ~40GB
- Data1: Your important source/data/download files like software/documents/etc ~30GB
- Data2: Your media files like jpg/tif/raw mov/mp3/etc ~50GB or more
- Buffer: Your paging/swap files ~10GB

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