recover lost data in smart media cards - anyone?

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i have stupidly deleted my holiday photos in a smart media card from my olympus 2100 using delete all function, without realising tt the phots downloaded were incomplete.

after searching thru e net, i have realised tt there r many cases of pple recovering their lost pics using programs such as winhex, or sought customized recovery services fr overseas.

all that is provided the camera's delete function does not do a destructive delete of the data. most will only do a real delete when new photos r taken to overtake the memory space.

i hav called singapore olymous studio to seek help, but sad to say, they r not even technical enough to know of such methods to recover data from memory cards.

to attempt a recovery, i need to buy a smart media card reader. so is there anyone who has successfully recovered lost data on card using the same olympus model i am using?

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