Recommendations on IEMs

Jun 14, 2010
Hi guys, can any audiophiles here recommend me an IEM ?
My Astello Radiance+ failed me within 3 months of careful usage.
Stereo quoted me $13 for soldering a new jack. (the Astello is only $39 and no point paying $13 for repairs)

So, i have a budget within $100.

My requirements are:
Slightly better soundstage & bass
Good Isolation
Decent treble, vocal

I have filtered out the following IEMs that suit my requirements, but not sure to decide on which one.

A-Jays 1 or 2
Sennheisser Cx-200
Klipsch S2
Nuforce NE-6

If you guys have any recommendations that either is close to my requirements or fits the bill, feel free to tell me.


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