Recommendations for Wide Angle and some questions...

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Sep 3, 2008
Hi guys, I know this question has been posted time and time again, but most questions posted were for the wide angle landscapers...

I just sold my Sigma 20mm F1.8, it was just too expensive to be keeping, and I usually don't use wides. But I figure there will be situations where I have to use wides anyway, ie. class events / other indoors... Probably an unavoidable part of photography? But its not my preferred area.

With that in mind, I'm hoping to get a suggestion for a bang for bucks yet not too expensive wide angle. I was wondering if Kit Lens + flash will work, but the distortion seems a little bad...

In anycase, I don't need a UWA. In fact I thought 20mm was a bit wide in most instances that I use. Maybe 22-24 sort is what I am looking at. Budget is hopefully $250 or less.

Sharpness? Are the corners of WAs always screwed?
Barrel Distortions - unavoidable I understand, but I hope to get something less whacked within the 22-24mm range.

I've been looking through some lens reviews, but nothing satisfactory... was wondering if I should go down to manual lenses...

Summarize: looking for a below $250 lens (or other suggestions) that is sharp around 22-24mm ranges, and less distorted. Any possiblities? Hope I get suggestions before I tear my hair out going thru all the reviews.

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