Recommendations for Fitting DSLR Pouch?

Oct 26, 2011
Hey guys,

Does anyone know where I can get a fitting DSLR pouch of sorts? I'll be going overseas in 1-2 days time. Am not intending to bring my camera bag as it doesn't have capacity to fill other stuff like bottles, umbrellas, etc. Hence the intention to find a fitting kinda casing, which will be placed in my haversack together with other stuff.

If it helps, I'm using a D5300 with 18-140mm (which may make it more bulky) now.


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Ah Keong

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Dec 3, 2014
you may want to try Think Tank Digital Holster 20. I am using 40.
usually I will pack small stuff like battery, SD & CF cards, wipes, straps into the holster and dump it into my travel bag (kinda like field pack which I assume maybe smaller than your haversack) with my travel tripod.

Good Luck!


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