Recommend Semi-Pro with Ultra Zoom of more than 20x

Nov 15, 2009
Hi! all. i'm looking for a semi-pro Ultra Zoom that can produce great quality pix & can perform in low light situation with the following features:

1) Articulated LCD screen
2) with more than 20x optical zoom
3) Can shoot well in low light situations such as a concert or fireworks.

Currently i have a Sony H50 but find that its very hard to use the menus. i'm actually considering the Nikon P500 & Canon's Powershot SX 30 IS. Are these 2 good choices cause i'm attracted by their super zoom range o 30+ zoom.


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Nov 28, 2005
HX100V for the Exmor-R sensor... But they basically all use Sony-made sensors so I doubt you'd really notice any improvement. Wrong tool for the job.

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