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Recommend a photo blog?

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Apr 19, 2004
hi all,
I'm looking to start a photo blog. I have used folderblog but it's got many bugs.

I was also referred to zenphoto. However both don't seem to be stable.

Does anyone have good recommendations? Must be free! And preferbly can categorize by category & month (e.g. photos in dec 05, nov 05, oct 05, etc...) Purpose of this photoblog is to upload one photo per day/week and integrate with the rest of my website, thus those regular photo hosting sites (fotki, webshots, shutterfly, kodak) will not be ideal.


Sep 18, 2004
I assume you have access to your own server?

Well, Pixelpost seems to be the favourite in photoblogging these days.

It is very easy to use and install.

The other photoblog option which seems popular (and which I used in the past) is to install a copy of Movable Type, then hack it into a photoblog. Some long running photoblogs like Heather Champ's (www.hchamp.com) and Rion.nu (www.rion.nu) are using MT. There are many available tutorials for doing this. There is a free version of MT, just download that. This option is a bit harder but more 'powerful' than Pixelpost. You will have a lot of control over it, and to 'integrate' with the rest of your website, you can use includes to call for the last photo posted on the photoblog to appear on a sidebar of your website, or anything you wish.

Zenphoto and folderblog are still under development thus the bugs, and better suited to photo galleries than photoblogs.

Good luck!


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Feb 3, 2003
I run Pixelpost, 1.5 is coming out soon might want to wait for that.

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