Recommend a compact camera with WiFi (or tell me about Eye-Fi)


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Jul 19, 2008
I am aware that Nikon and Kodak have both sold some compact digicams with WiFi in the past few years, and I know that they do have some important limitations on what they can do thru WiFi... (e.g. only able to send to certain photo-hosting sites)

Here is what I need:

This is an office setting, (so recharging is easily available, and there will be a WiFi AP under my control).
There will be a shared folder on the network, (I can do Windows sharing aka SMB or FTP).
Every shot taken by the camera will be automatically copied/moved into the shared folder, without further action by the shooter.

I guess that DSLRs with WiFi modules can probably do this, but I do not need such serious image quality. Average modern digicam quality is good enough.
And there would be about 5 such cameras operating within the same WiFi AP, each sending photos to different folders.

Anyone? TIA!

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