Reccomendation for waterproof camera with good body strap accessory!


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Jul 28, 2006
Hi all,

I'm intending to get a waterproof camera that i can use with my wakeboarding/skiing/snorkeling/bungee jumping trips.. I know of the GoPro cam but it is last on my list.
Searching through the current top 5 waterproof cams take me to the Panasonic FT3, Sony TX10/5, Pentax WG-1 or Canon D10. This cameras are all good for my snorkelling and wakeboarding trips but when i do bungy jumping and rollercoaster rides it's quite hard to hold them.. are there any accessories such as body straps? I would want to strap the cam to my body whilst i do the jumps.

Hopefully the veterans out there can give me some advice! thanks in advance

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