Really 'Small' model shoots

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Oct 6, 2003
I have been thinking about this lately. In my experience, group model shoots of about 5 or 6 photographers in a 3 hours time frame does not work for me. I usually walked away feeling dissatified like not having done more or better.

I am looking for photographer/s(not newbies), very small group like 2 or 3 at each shoot to team up. On each shoot, one acts as photographer while the other one/two acts as assistant/s to the photographer. Of course, the roles will be switched. So, on a 3 hours shoot, each photographer will have at least 30 minutes of executing a shoot each outfit/scene.

Some discipline is required. Assistants will not be shooting while the photographer shoots. This is to ensure that the model is focussed on a photographer. Assistants will assist with meter readings, holding reflectors, adjust hairs or even fan for the model, etc.

Such team members should come with a theme or concepts or ideas on lightings to contribute. Shoots can be in studio or outdoor. Costs will be shared equally. Profit making is not the objective.

Hopefully, this will results in more satisfactory results for us. If you think you have such needs and wish to participate, pls PM me. Again, no newbies please.


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Apr 24, 2003
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