Reactions To Proposed New Ferris Wheel [singapore Flyer]

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Got this from another email. Enjoy :eek: :D :gbounce: :bsmilie:

Following the Government's announcement about the construction of a Giant Ferris Wheel on Marina Bay, people from different walks of life gave their views and the reaction is generally positive.

Civil servant: "For a long time we have been very buay-song about Malaysia's Petronas Towers ? now we can show them who is more tuah-kee."

SAF Strategist: "Good ? now can install cameras to spy on Indonesia and Malaysia."

ISD Agent: "And we can also see your house from up here."

NUS political scientist: "Other countries have shown us that icons are very effective in distracting the common people from their daily sufferings. For example, many communist regimes erected statues to distract people from their miserable living conditions. With unemployment rate in Singapore currently at an all time high, this proposal is a brilliant idea."

Teacher: "The ferris wheel shows the creative route to exam success. Just take what others have done and copy it. An inspiring example to students."

Graduate: "This announcement is really great. I feel so proud to be living in the smallest island with the biggest ferris wheel. I was originally thinking of emigrating because I couldn't find a job since graduation ? but now I'm changing my mind."

Foreign Talent: "Originally we were thinking of shifting our Asian HQ from Singapore to Shanghai, because Shanghai was building this gigantic ferris wheel. Now that Singapore is building a bigger one, we've got to re-evaluate our decision. The Singapore Gahmen has definitely got its priorities right."

Laid-off GLC worker: "Maybe the foreign company that got the contract will employ us to help construct the ferris wheel."

Ah Soh in Hougang market: "Aiyah, I hope they don't give the contract to the people who build the NE Line. Start-stop-start-stop, very buay tahan."

JI sleeper cell: "Good?another potential target for us to hit?"

PAP MP: "Hmm? maybe I can score points and get promoted by suggesting that the ferris wheel is a tribute to PM Goh's years in power?."

Foreign Historian: "The ferris wheel is historically appropriate. Coming at a time when the Remaking Singapore committee is closing its work, the ferris wheel is symbolic of Singapore Gahmen reform ? it is expensive, gives impression of moving up, but actually revolves round and round, and never goes anywhere."

Me: Could this be the "Wheel of Fortune" for Singapore, :what:


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Apr 19, 2002
hahaha... good one!!!:bsmilie:


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Jun 17, 2003
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CS Photographers: At last! new landmark to shoot!getting tired of jpb,zoo, and the skyline :) better find a place where it can give a better composition :D




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