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This is to continue my posting, after it was closed by the moderator, cuz posted to the wrong forum/group.

The purpose of this posting is to alert everyone about the service level quality of service centre here.
1) A counter staff who simply doesn't remember anything that happens within 24 hrs.
2) A supervisor who should have investigate properly when customers complaint. Fyi, this supervisor gathered the wrong people involved and failed to read & understand emails until I had to clarify with him on phone or another email.
3) A technician who has a rather good memory recalling the incident that happens about 2 weeks ago, but somehow he insists the lens were bent from Day 1.

Not that I'm trying to gain sympathy and create a case against FFF, this is purely for info.
And of course, don't be a smart aleck like myself to try to fix anything.

Like what I've kept repeating to the supervisor.... "Not that I'm angry I cannot claim free warranty, with a condition like this, I would totally understand, BUT I'm damn pissed off with the fact the counter staff forgot about the incident!"
I could describe every single detail to the supervisor on what happened on Day 1, I even told him that the counter staff had a plaster on her middle finger so that he can quickly find out who attended to me.

But even when the counter staff viewed the CCTV tapes, she simply don’t remember.

Anyway, following are what I should have done (this would be helpful to everyone):
1) Take a picture or video on the camera condition in case there are any disputes.
2) Speak to higher management on the spot if the lower level staff rejected your claim.
Fyi, the supervisor said “If the camera lens were straight on Day 1, we would have taken in for diagnostics and further advise whether it should be covered under warranty or not”
This should be the way, but I was rejected immediately and neither the counter staff nor the technician suggest I could send it in to do a further check.
3) Record all conversations between all parties involved (IMO, this would be too extreme, but definitely useful).
4) Don’t be a smart aleck!

Anyway, I have given up on the brand’s service support and have bought a new Olympus camera within the first week. The one that is shock- and water-proof and with non-retractable lens so that the lens will not get stuck on its own, even with/without any knocks and bangs.

Even myself, I find it hard to believe the lens would fail to retract on its own without external force, but that simply happened to my old camera that is still lying in the service centre!

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