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Feb 3, 2005
Hi Everyone,

- Do you want to know how to make an ordinary person look totally different on photos ?
- Do you have difficulties posing the model during a studio shoot?
- Are you one of those who would like to pose the model to get the expressions and emotion that you wanted ?
- Are you able to differeniate a good make-up from a poor makeup for a studio shoot ?

Stanley Lim Colour Centre is coming out the Improved MakeOver Photography Course for people who wanted to know how to pose models / friends with different lightings and be able to understand more about MakeOver makeup.

For this structured and well-balanced course, we provide 2 theory lessons in which a professional Choreographer will teach you how to pose. There will also be 1 guest talk by a professional makeup artist and 2 practicals (Studio) with 2 Reviews, total 7 lessons. This course will focus on how to pose your models with different lightings and to bring out their best image infront of the camera.

Total 7 Lessons
Below is a brief layout of our lessons

Lesson 1 (03/01/07)
- Theory and Posing

Lesson 2 (10/01/07)
- Theory on lighting for makeover

Lesson 3 (17/01/07)
- Guest Talk

Lesson 4 ( 24/01/07 )
- Practical 1

Lesson 5 ( 31/01/07 )
- Review of Practical 1

Lesson 6 (07/02/07 )
- Practical 2

Lesson 7 ( 14/02/07 )
- Review of Practical 2

Venue: Stanley Lim Colour Centre (Midlink Plaza, 122 Middle Road) #02-03/04
Instructor: Wong Weiliang
Course fee: $350 .
Duration : Min 02hrs
Time : 8-10pm
Models : A Model will be provided for each practical shoot with Professional Makeup and Hairdo.
Vacancy : Min 04 Max 10

As we know most of our students are working or studying and they may need to go overseas trip or may be busy on that day. We provide make up lesson for any of the lesson/s that you missed.

Students are required to have Basic Photography knowledge before they can join the MakeOver Course. SLR or DSLR users are welcomed.

Contact Person
For further details of the course please PM “ SLCC ” for any questionnaires or refer to Miss Joanne on 98583502

Stanley Lim Colour Centre is a committee of the Singapore Photographic Trade Association, and is authorized to present certificates to its photography course participants with the SPTA's ( Singapore Photography Trade Association ) endorsement.

Name list (Your nicks will remain private)

End of Course
At the end of the course, you would be able to pose and take photos of your friends / models with more confidences. You would be able to understand different poses that go with different lightings and be able to understand more about makeover make-up.
If you would like to organize any Studio shoot at SLCC, we would be glad to help you find a model and makeup artist too.

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