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$images file error.jpg

Need your help on how could I salvage this RAW file error encountered. Highly appreciate your input and thanks in advance.
Note: This RAW file image was captured using CF SanDisk Extreme 32GB CF card and then transferred to NAS for backup.

Looks like a data corruption... I don't know of any digital tool or way that could salvage that short of shooting a spare shot. And I have salvaged or encountered situations like this quite a few times as a photographer and graphic design.

I have always made it a rule when i shoot and that is if something is nice and memoral I always spend time to shoot couple of frames of it to be sure. Especially overseas or events that will never occur often.


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Oct 25, 2005
lil red dot
It might be the card reader is bad. Try another card reader and see what happens.


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Jan 3, 2008
Pasir Ris
It might be the card reader is bad. Try another card reader and see what happens.
Agree to that. Faulty card readers can screw a lot and cause problems.
Second question (since I only use the mobile phone app): have you tried to open the file with a standard image viewer or a viewer capable of decoding RAW? The former ones only show the embedded jpg file while the latter show the RAW image data. If you are lucky, it's only a damaged embedded jpg.

Further to the suggestions offered here. How old is that card? and How often have you used it?

Whether you managed to salvage the photo or not, I would suggest you have your card check out with software that can examine the state of your memory card. All flash memory card HAVE A LIFE SPAN if you are unaware. There is only so many times you can read/write to the same location before it fails permanently. There is a stick note on this to explain further. Usually a card like that that is starting to give you weird artifact your what you show us, it is another possible symptom of a card that is reaching failure stage.

If you don't have a software that can run a diagnostic scan on the card you can do this cave man style. heh Try to shot off at random a series of photo shots on the same card after you have formatted in from inside your camera. Keep shooting till the card is full and then see if you can open all the photos files. If you shot 300 photos, do you see 300 files in the directory and see if you can view them all without artifacts showing up on any of the photos.

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