Raspberry gelatin - where to get it in Singapore?

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Jun 15, 2002
Ok, quite different from the camera/photography threads here..

I'm making some pastry/dessert and it requires raspberry gelatin.. May i know where to get them? I've tried Poon Huat but they don't carry it. Or can i just buy gelatin and raspberry essence and mix together?

why don't u just go supermarket and get raspberry flavoured jelly? it's the same thing. comes in a box of a few packets.

or with you're adventurous you can do it yourself. blend some raspberries, strain out the juice, add very little water to it and reduce this over a slow fire to concentrate the flavour. stir often to prevent burning. let cool till warm.

use clear gelatin, bloom as per normal add to your mix together with the raspberry concentrate.

actually with the higher level of pectin in raspberries you may not need that much gelatin. a little lemon juice added to the raspberries will activate the pectin and causes it to set.

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