Rare Birds Yearbook 2008 & Photo Competition

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Aug 29, 2004
[Malaysian Nature Society] Rare Birds Yearbook 2008 & Photo Competition

The book, entitled The Rare Birds yearbook, will be published this October by MagDig Media Ltd in association with BirdLife International. MadDig's objectives are to publish annually a book that summarises the status and facts of the world’s c.190 Critically Endangered (CR) birds in an appealing, modern, educational and readable way.

The book will consist of:
- a directory section of the 190 species,
- sections on statistics and lists,
- a directory of regional organisatoins
- and commercial bird tour companies arranging travel to see CR species of birds.

Each yearbook will have a number of specially written feature articles on issues related to threatened birds such as migration, rare bird sites and taxonomy.

The directory section will also be updated each year with the latest information on the plight of the world’s most threatened species. GBP 4 per sold book will be donated to BirdLife International in order to enhance their funds for conservation work.

The book will be sold thourgh a website www.rarebirdsyearbook.com and it is expected that established ornithological outlets will also stock the book.

Photo competition - Photos of the CR species will be an important. So MagDig have launched a photo competition in association with the Rare Birds Yearbook. Please visit http://www.rarebirdsyearbook.com/ to find a list of the concerned species, the prizes, the rules, the jury members and more about the book. The competition runs until 15th July 2007.

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