Raffles Photoclub outing : Sentosa JAN 22

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Hey guys,

The first outing of this year is going to be held at Sentosa.
Details are as follows.

Date: Saturday, 22nd January, 2011
Start Time: 10.30am
End time: Your choice( ideally by 3pm)

Meeting point: Imbiah Lookout( next to butterfly park)
Directions: http://www.sentosa.com.sg/en/getting-to-around-sentosa/getting-to-sentosa/

What we will be doing:
1. Macro shots of butterflies at Butterfly park ($16/adult)

2. Sky tower Panorama ($15/adult)

3. Lunch break(Subway recommended. Light and healthy)

4. Aquarium photos at Underwater world ($22.90/adult)

Keep in mind that its a Saturday. There is a high chance that its going to be crowded, so travel as light as possible. Check beforehand what kind of photos you wish to shoot.

Considering its mostly macro shots, I'd recommend the following equipment.
1. 50mm prime lens (lovely for complete butterfly captures.
2. Macro lens, any type will be fine.
3. Tripod, optional. I prefer some of my butterfly shots in HDR.

Wide angle lenses, only if you have a specific theme in mind or you wish to shoot something more than what's mentioned in the itinerary.

Any questions, do let me know :)

My number- 82980144.

Those who wish to join, please write your names here. (no limits)


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