LR Tips Quirky Ads Tout Improved Bikeshare Program


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Sep 27, 2006
May is National Bike Month, and things are ramping up where I live, so I’m having a hard time sitting inside and writing. As I suffer quietly for my art, I’ll have to make do with my late-night rides and be content with looking at cycling-inspired design. One such campaign that caught my eye recently comes from La Comunidad/The Community agency. The collection of posters, subway cards, billboards, and magazine ads promotes EcoBici, Buenos Aires’ automated bikeshare program. Billed with the tagline, “Never Stop Riding,” the fun hand-drawn graphics tout the 24/7 availability of the city’s stable of community bikes. Buenos Aires propelled their program from a mere three stations to 200 in just five years. That concept of forward motion—both of the program’s growth and of the cycles themselves—is depicted in the ads via critters chasing their prey. The items are constrained to round shapes and become bicycle wheel proxies, conveying an endless chase. A dog chasing a dog’s tail (his own?), moths swarming the proverbial flame—in this case a lightbulb,—and a demented squirrel and his nutty quarry all playfully suggest the ongoing pursuit of adventure. A fourth graphic rounds out the set, but my description will pale in comparison to actually [...]


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