Quick Critique?

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Feb 15, 2003
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hmm slightly better headache...

anyway... just somethings u could work on...

draw a grid when you crop, your apple is not in the centre, and even if you say its not suppose to be, its neither here nor there, its like 1/xxx off center... its not 2/3 or 1/3... very very distracting...

light as well, too much black area, esp at the bottom, making your picture top loaded but bottom empty. try to either improve in composition, or improve lighting.

its better to throw some light from the bottom of the pic, as in u shoot top view, some light from your side. can use a reflector... else no contrast of the apple, and the shadow consumed the side of the apple

the water droplets are nice, but not contrasty enuff, esp those on the sides, without any light source, and look like the apple mutated with some protrusion... check top of the apple.

the stem look very flat, i'll either rotate the apple to have the stem pointing up or just cut the stem shorter.

lastly, there is alot of white spot in the picture... most probably you have used a magic brush or something and did not do a good job... or your sensor about to go...

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