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Apr 8, 2007
Hello! Newbie over here...registered here quite some time ago but never post because too busy...

Okay, lets go straight to the point, I will like to ask if I want to take pictures of landscape, macro shots of plants, scenery, reportage etc...

1. Will a DSLR be suitable for me?

2. Lets say if I choose a DSLR, how much cash will I need to get the equipment needed(e.g lenses, camera body, prevent shaky hands)? A little cash-strapped, so must make sure I get the things I want.


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Mar 9, 2006
Frankly speaking, if you are uncertain of if a DSLR is suitable, then you shouldn't be getting it because you are not able to justify the cost and benefit of getting one (and the trouble after getting it, like choosing lenses). At this stage, it may be better for you to get a compact or prosumer with manual control and a decent zoom range. You will still be able to take good pictures with them, as demonstrated by many bros in this forums. Use one and until you feel there are certain features you MUST have and are only available on DSLRs then consider getting one.

Should you be determined to get a DSLR, then be prepared to fork out at least 1.5 - 2K to get a decent one with other accessories such as tripod, flash, camera bag etc.

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