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Jan 5, 2005
Oulu, Finland, Finland
hi CSers,

this thing has been in my mind for quite some time and i thought i'll just share it out. i'm a newbie into photography.. so please don't flame me if i say anything wrong or offend anybody.

i was just looking through some sites and the pictures that local photographers take.. via pbase and CS gallery.
noticed that in the genre of outdoor portraits shooting, it's always the same kind of pictures.. like u have a girl who pose with the surroundings and half the time, the picture doesn't really bring out anything.. it doesn't depict anything. like "carefree-ness", "lonliness" and etc of whatever u can think of.
the pictures, half the time, are just picture of a girl smiling and posing with a background..
i don't really quite get it.. and in some shoots i understand, they pay $50 for the shoot..
someone enlighten me? don't mean it to be an offensive post. just want to know why...

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