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Apr 17, 2007
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Hi.... I own both a PnS and a DSLR camera. But as most of us are aware..... PnS camera shoots in 4:3 format while most DSLR uses the 3:2 format as in all 'normal' photos.

When I print my photos on my home printer.... the Canon printer will have a software to 'Crop' any 4:3 photo to just the right size for 4R or A4 size printing.

Problem -

I crop my photo manunally with PhotoShop Element but can't always get the correct 3:2 format.... either just a little to high or too wide. Example, instand of 800x533..... I get 795x549 (something like that). I know the problem is because of me cropping the areas I wanted manunally..... therefore can't always get the correct, perfect ratio of 3:2......

Question -

Is there somewhere in PS that I could set a 3:2 setting, so that whatever area I decided to crop will always be in that format in the end ?? I understand that I could resize the photo to a more 3:2 size..... but that sometimes cause the shape inside the photo to change its shape and form......

Thxs for all and any information. :D


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Feb 21, 2005
Use the crop tool. You can choose the size you wish to crop to.

The top bar will display a value for width and for height and also the resolution you require. You can also choose the aspect ratio for elements. I.e. 4in x 6in ;)


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Mar 2, 2004
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You can change the aspect ratio from normal to fixed aspect ratio. Then change the ratio to 3:2, after that you can easily choose any area you want, and the selection will automatically fixed the ratio to 3:2.

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