question on flock of birds

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Aug 17, 2009
Hi... didn't know how better to phrase the thread title.

Anyway I give tuition in the Ghim Moh area close to Buona Vista MRT and sometimes I'm there in the evening near sunset close to 6.30pm ++ I'll spot this huge flock of green parakeet-looking birds flying around.

they fly rather fast and they seem to be circling some of the blocks...

anyone else has seen them before?

even better, any residents to verify?

would be cool to catch a photo sometime

they have been there for the longest time. probably the bird shooters know more indepth.
Probably the flock of green pidgeons that flies from Tanglin to Clementi.

Its a known flight path for birds there. Same goes for crows where the final resting area is at Clementi MRT where it will make a ruckus around 730 pm there which annoys the residents.

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