Question on CSC and dust bunnies.

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Nov 22, 2006
Hello guys, sent my 70-200 to CSC few days back and only got back my lens today. Did'nt check properly at CSC but when I reached home, saw a gigantic dust bunny inside the lens.... Im not really sure if it got there before or after i sent for serviving. I called they serviceman and he said dust issues in the lens they cant really do anything about it.

Isit true?? I know it doesnt affect picture quality but it's quite disturbing to see it every time i change lens. Should I ask for another technician? Or it's boh pian ah??

Says servicing and repairs on the receipt.

Kind people please advise =) Thanks in advance!!!


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Jun 8, 2005
if canon technician cant take out the dust who can.... :dunno:
kick up a big fuss lah... hehe...

btw, i think the counter staff normally will do a visual inspection of the lens before accepting it for servicing, to check for damages etc. I'm not sure if they check for dust, they should actually, considering it's a piece of expensive glass... If so, then the dust should be indicated as such in the service slip. Go check your service slip/report, if it's not indicated that the dust was there before you send the lens in for servicing, then u have quite a strong case!

who knows, if they can't remove the dust, maybe they give u a new lens :angel: :angel: :angel:

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