Question on Apple iBook G4

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Jan 22, 2005
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Hi guys,

I just bought an Apple iBook G4 today with the necessary software for photo.

Do I need the Spyer2 Calibration thingy to calibrate my screen? If so how do I go on to do it?


Jan 19, 2005
I have the Apple PowerBook G4 15" 1.25Ghz which is similar to the iBook somewhat. The Sypder from ColorVision is great if you can fork out the money to buy it. Try to borrow it from friends who has one. I use the next best alternative which is Supercal for my LCD calibration.

These are the steps I use :-

1) Go to the System Preferences and select the Display icon and click on the Color tab. You'll see a list of color profiles available there. (Now this part I'm not very sure about), Select Color LCD as your basis for calibration.

2) Run SuperCal and follow the steps instructed by the software. Make sure you are doing this on your work area (pretty well lit and no glare to the monitor and especially to you)

3) SuperCal will create a profile at the end of the process which you will use by selecting it on the System Preferences under Display and Color tab.

4) I use PhotoShop CS, under the PhotoShop Menu.. Color Setting, select the same profile you've just selected (created by SuperCal)

Having said all that, I would like to pose some question to some other experts out there. Do we have to start with the color LCD setting or use the sRGB setting before calibration with any tools ? Do we have to "Convert to Profile.." after doing any post work on PhotoShop to convert the colorspace to sRGB ?

Btw, my 300D is set to Adobe RGB 1998. I know that Adobe RGB 1998 has greater gamut than sRGB which is what I use to do post in PhotoShop but the photo printer I frequent uses sRGB, will it matter if I don't convert to profile after doing post ?


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Jul 18, 2002
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on an unrelated note... on my 1.25ghz ibook ... seems I did these things:

1) upgraded to OS X 10.3.7
2) installed 40-bit WEP encrpytion on my Airport Express
3) (maybe installed a USB-powered base fan for cooling)

... my Safari / IE connection has slowed significantly...
what could be causing the problem?


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Jul 24, 2002
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OS X comes with a monitor calibration software. Use it if u're on a budget. If u've got da moola to throw, get a Spyder2 or an EyeOne v2.

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