question about kenko pro1D uv filter

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Nov 12, 2009
Singapore West
hi guys!

just want to ask this thing. today i went to funan and bought a UV filter. i got good reviews about the hoya 52mm HMC UV-0. i decided to choose it to add on my new Nikon D5000. but when i went to the shops, its either it wasn't available or the price quoted was too high compared to some threads i've read here at CS.

i went to J316, asked about it (Sam asked me to wait for 5-10mins, i dont know if he will look for their stock of it or unto something) but he ended up recommending the 52mm Kenko Pro1D UV filter. they said its better than hoya HMC (reasons are its thinner compared to Hoya HMC, its easier to clean coz its not multi coated). so i ended up buying it.

it was quoted at $45 but Sam gave it to me at $30....

Now my question guys are these:

1 Did i made a good buy or a "goodbye" on choosing the kenko over the hoya hmc?

2 How much would a 52mm Kenko Pro1D UV filter really cost these days? (i cant trust the price guides here at CS, they differ much of those in the actual)

3 Did i end up being duped by them on the price quoted and the quality of Kenko?

...Please help me guys! enlighten me on this to ease my wearies....

PS...i bought a UV filter because its highly recommended in reviews to protect your camera sensor against the harmful UV rays and to protect your lens too

...i tested the kenko Pro1D this night and observed some ghosting light on my D5000's viewfinder and Live View but not on my picture...

...can you use a UV filter at night or do i need to remove them? so sorry for asking this if its a stupid question, this just proves that im really a newbie....i'll be testing it tomorrow noon at Chinese garden and try to see its effect....

thanks a lot guys! hope to hear from all your good opinions....


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Dec 4, 2009
For $30 you should get it, I consider it as cheap. Kenko and HOYA is basically the same, Kenko tend to be cheaper to less well known because Hoya for export, Kenko for domestic (JAP). They are the same company THK Tokina Hoya Kenko. But dont go to Tokina, they are Toyota and Lexus.



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Nov 28, 2004
its not ex.
and all my lenses uses this Kenko Pro1D


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Aug 10, 2008
Pay just a few bucks more (not from John's probably anyways) and you could have got a Nikon NC filter which I consider the best affordable filter for protection.

Contrary to the name, the NC filter does have some UV filtering properties.

Then again, even if you shoot from Singapore's highest peak, you're still only 160m (?) above sea level and at 1degrees north of the equator, I won't be worrying about any UV rays screwing up my digital camera at all.

UV filters are really for film cameras and when you climb higher with your digital camera.

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