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Oct 24, 2003
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hi all!

i've this burning question. i've done a google search and read up about lens stabilizer and read some reviews about it. but usually what the web says was the image becomes less blur as compared without the stabilizer (for same model) and helps us to save a few stops or something. but there's still one thing i dont understand.

i'm sure some of you guys has any lens with stabilizer rite? i have a damn noob question. let say we use aperture mode and set 3.5 or something, then the shutter they gave me is 1/30, whether i on or off the stabilizer, the shutter which they gave me wouldnt change is it? or will it actually increase since it can stabilizer?

i'm kinna blur about this, hope someone can enlighten me in this regard. i dont even noe if my stabilizer is functioning or not. i always tot the in aperture mode, when i on stabilizer, the shutter will change a bit? pls correct me if i'm wrong. coz i have one lens that is still under warrenty, if there's something wrong i would like to get it serviced.

pls help me out. i noe this qus is damn noob. lol!



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Mar 22, 2007
Shutter speed won't change. With stablizer, it increases the chance of getting clear picture at slower shutter speed.

The rule of getting clear pics without stablizer is 1/equiv focal length. For example, 50mm prime on 1.6x crop, focal length = 80mm. So 1/80 is recommended to get clear pics.


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Jun 12, 2009
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Taken from wiki.

For example, at a focal length of 125 mm on a 35mm camera, vibration or camera shake would affect sharpness if the shutter speed was slower than 1/125 second. As a result of the 3–4 stops slower shutter speeds allowed by IS, an image taken at 1/125 second speed with an ordinary lens could be taken at 1/15 or 1/8 second with an IS-equipped lens and produce almost the same quality. The sharpness obtainable at a given speed can increase dramatically.


Simply, an IS equipped lens allows you to shoot at lower shutter speed. You can easily shoot at 1/25 with at 200mm the Canon 70200 f/4 L IS, which gives 4 stops.


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