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Apr 2, 2011
Guys, i have shoot my pictures in RAW format and than use Adobe Bridge to convert them to DNG format. So my questions are

1) Does photo labs accept DNG format(after editing) or i need to convert them to JPG format?

2) There is an option for me on Adobe Bridge to embed my original RAW (CR2) into the converted DNG. What purposes does it serve as i cant seems to understand the explanation given.

3) May I know is there any standard work flows for images processing? I using Lightroom 3 with Photoshop CS4. Usually I would save to another copy of the edited files leaving the original DNG untouched.


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Jan 3, 2008
Pasir Ris
1) Read again what DNG is. To make it short, DNG = RAW - Proprietary Components of Respective Camera Maker.
Raw data need a conversion (hence the existence of RAW converter software) and the output can be subjected to further editing, manipulation, younameit. You cannot edit RAW or DNG. After all this, you will create / export a target file which should be JPG, this format is widely accepted in all Print Labs.
2) If you embed the orginal RAW file you could use a later / better version of the camera maker's RAW converter again. Whether this is useful to you is your call. Most people can skip it.
3) Lightroom will always leave the DNG untouched, that's the basic rule in it. why would you do otherwise? It's the most original piece of image data and can be used countless times to create new version of edited image files. I guess you are quite on the right track. Do the basic adjustments and sorting in LR, export to PS for serious editing, re-import to LR for the finishing part.
There are books available and numerous video tutorials.

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